March 16, 2015

Price Drop on E-Cloth Window Cleaning Kit

I hate cleaning.
But since I have to do it, one of my favorite products is the E-cloth window cleaning kit.
Right now it's only $7.78 on Amazon.

I try to avoid most chemical cleaners for multiple reasons
Most of them give me headaches.
They're expensive.
I don't like the thought of my children being exposed to the residues they leave behind.
If they're not in my house my kids can't eat them.

I clean most things with Vinegar or Baking Soda.

I stumbled upon e-cloths just before we bought our house.
I purchased the Home Cleaning Set (also a good price on Amazon right now) and have been very happy with it, but my favorite cloths are the polishing cloths. This price drop gives you the window (and mirror) cleaning cloth and the polishing cloth for the price of just the polishing cloth. Ever heard of Norwex? This is a small fraction of their prices.
e-cloth Window Cleaning Pack, 2-Piece

I love that I can just use water and I NEVER end up with streaks. The money saved on Windex and Paper towels covers the cost of the cloths and they're easier to use.
Check them out here.

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