March 24, 2015

Easter Basket Finds at Dollar Tree

The thing I love most about filling Easter Baskets at Dollar Tree, is how easy it makes it to stick to my budget, $5 equals 5 items, $10 equals 10 items, no calculator needed and no need to add extra stress to my mom brain :) .

Dollar Tree

So, I decided to take you guys on a virtual tour and show you some of my Dollar Tree faves to be on the lookout for...

Obviously the usual baskets, eggs, and grass (Yay for paper grass that can be vacuumed up!).

I was excited to find kites. I don't expect them to be sturdy, but I don't want to spend more than $1 on something that's going to be drug around by a 3yo who doesn't care if it flies. 
And, I can't wait to watch my baby's reaction to his hopping baby chick :) .

Pool Noodles, water guns, and water balloons for water play.

Buckets, shovels, and rakes for the sandbox (wishing I'd grabbed more of these).

Along with the regular candy (which is usually cheaper than most discount stores), they also had the unique candy that I loved so much as a kid. Think fewer treats, more impact.

They had lots of puzzles and coloring books to choose from with princesses, superheroes, and many other favorite cartoon characters.

Fairy wings, wands, and crowns as well as plastic balls and bases.

We have one of these little magnetic drawing boards, they're great for on the go.

Jump Ropes

Badminton sets (might even be good for pre-teen and teenage boys???), and everything you need to chase after bugs and butterflies.

They had dozens of varieties of bubbles to choose from. Also look for sidewalk chalk, they didn't have it in the store I was in, but I hear they do have it in other stores 20 pieces for $1.

Nail stickers, nail polish, cute notebooks and pencils (pre-teen and teen girls???)

And just in case you need something for your Easter Basket, I found a good deal on the leather Ked's I got for my birthday. They're marked down to $29.95  on Amazon instead of $50.00, (when you select your size the price will drop). As usual, I have no idea how long this deal will last.
Champion Originals Leather, White

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