February 28, 2017

February Love List

February is ending, but if you're like us there will still be cold and gloomy days in the future and we are RESTLESS.
I decided to share a few of my kids favorite things (and a few mom pick-me-ups too) that help us make it through days when we really just want to be outside.

Stir Crazy
Treats are always a good distraction from the cold, and this one is fun as well as delicious. When we are getting Stir Crazy we break out the Stir-Crazy (sorry I had to).
Our Stir Crazy makes the BEST popcorn, and it's guaranteed to get my kids smiling and giggling while it's popping.
Bonus: Popcorn kernels are CHEAP, and it's whole grain (though we use twice as much butter as the instructions recommend).

I hate the smell and clean up of store bought playdough, and I know I'm not alone. I much prefer this homemade recipe, and so do my kids because they get to choose their colors (using Kool Aid packets or food coloring) and there is LOTS to go around.

In a pot mix together
2 c. Flour
1 c. Salt
4 tsp cream of tarter
Koolaid packets (optional)

Stir in
2 c. Water
2 Tbsp. oil
Food Coloring (optional)

Cook, stirring, over low heat until thick.
Let Cool, and Play
*Sometimes we make the dough without color and then I add food coloring into the center of a ball of dough and let it turn colors as they knead it.
*Add in a rolling pin (or a cup), some cookie cutters, and you've got an hour of quiet -maybe.
Also, did you know you can buy kids rolling pins in bulk? Neither did I. Find them on Amazon.

Gel Beads
Colorful sensory play. Add water and watch them grow. My kids love to run their hands through them, scoop them, and dump them.

Of course as moms we could all use a little pick me up this time of year so here are a couple of my current favorites:

This facial cleanser/massager for under $20. My skin has never felt and looked better. Grab one for you and one for a friend.
BeneU Makeup Facial Brush Cleaner Face Massager Exfoliator Sonic Silicone Vibrating Rechargeable Electric Waterproof Cleansing for Skin Care, Polish Scrub, Anti-Aging, Acid, Peels, Reduce Acne(Pink)
A truly long wear lipstick that doesn't flake for under $10!
I'm wearing it in Little Minx every single day. If you watch my Instagram stories ( https://www.instagram.com/the.carter.crew/ ) this is what you're seeing. If you're not following me on Instagram come find me, lets be friends.