May 18, 2015

Two Miles!

If you know how to walk, run, or ride a bike,
And you want to make a difference in the world,
This post is for you.

The beginning of April my neighbor and I started running. 
Well, more like trying to run. 
We started out with each of us pushing two kids in a single stroller. We couldn't even make it a quarter of a mile. It was frustrating. We decided to go in the mornings before our husbands leave for work so we could run without kids and strollers. 
Slowly, we've worked up to 1 mile, then 1.5 and now, finally 2 miles! It's the furthest I've run since high school. And for us it's a huge accomplishment. 
I have lost 1 pound, nope not a typo, ONE. I have yet to drop a pant size. 
But this isn't about pant sizes or pounds, it's about lungs and muscle, it's about health.
It's about getting out of the house and doing something productive before my kids are even awake.
It's about fresh air.
It's about friendship.
It's about setting small, attainable goals, and succeeding.

And, thanks to @CharityMiles it's about raising money for Charity.
Charity Miles is my new favorite thing. They have teamed up with corporate sponsors to contribute $.10/mile for every bike ride and $.25/mile for every walk or run to a charity of your choice. All you have to do is download the app, open it, select a charity, and get moving, because #everymilematters .

By improving myself, I'm also improving the lives of others. $0.25/mile may not seem like much, but this morning I also hit 40 miles! 
Every 40 miles raises $10 and $10 is the cost for Nothing But Nets to produce, deliver, and educate about one insecticide treated bed net which can help protect one family from becoming infected with Malaria. #everymilematters

I can't see my body changing, but I can feel it, and I can do something I couldn't do before. So while I'd like to ditch my love handles, I'm tolerant with them for now because I feel better. #everymilematters 

Go join the FrugalandDomestic Team on Charity Miles, let's Get Moving and #GiveBack.

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