May 12, 2015

Repeat The Feat: Teaching Kids to Serve

We took the opportunity last night to participate in the Repeat The Feat movement.

It's a concept created to encourage kids to serve and give back in their communities.

To participate, you order a FREE shirt ($1 shipping fee per shirt), then wear the shirt while participating in a service project, then share pictures and tag #repeatthefeat
Aren't the shirts so cute?!?

I love the concept, and I believe in teaching kids to serve from a young age, but I was concerned about what was manageable for a 3 year-old with his 1 year-old brother tagging along. I went ahead and ordered the shirts, it took about 2 weeks for them to come, and in that time I decided that picking up trash would be age-appropriate, and would teach them not only about service and giving back to our community, but also about taking care of things and being responsible for themselves by picking up their own trash.

The shirts came on Saturday, and on Monday we headed out to pick up trash around our neighborhood.

It also doubled as an easy Family Home Evening lesson and activity (As members of the Mormon, or LDS faith, we set aside Monday evenings to teach and spend time together as a family, you can read more about the purpose of Family Home Evening here.)

Because EVERYTHING is better with a friend, we invited our neighbors to come along.
The boys had a great time picking up trash, and racing each other to get each piece, by the time we finished they were pretty tired, but the next day my 3yo was still anxious to put on his "helper shirt" and find more places to pick up trash. I'm excited to continue using his shirt as a tool to teach him to look for ways to serve.

You can read more about Repeat The Feat and join the movement at
You can find them on Instagram under @repeatthefeat or here.

Thank-you Repeat The Feat for making my job of raising responsible kids just a little bit easier.

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