September 24, 2014

Check Out My Article on

I keep forgetting to post this but it's exciting news for me.
A couple of weeks ago a slightly revised version of my blog post Six Things My Parents Did Right When Teaching Me About Money was republished in the Money section of
I've been really excited to see how well it was received, 4,963 views  and  3,072 shares to date.
I thought about blogging for a LONG time before I actually started. I was really worried about how my content would be received, I didn't want to just waste my time. I have received a lot of great feedback and I know I've been able to help some people work on getting their finances in order which is what this project is all about. This article's success is one more confirmation that I'm doing something worth doing. That's a great feeling.
Go check out my article here, share if you'd like and spend a moment looking around, there are some other really great articles on the site. I'd love to hear what your favorites are, leave a comment below so I know which ones to check out.

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