June 20, 2014

Why Budget?

Why Budget?
Why do YOU Budget?
Why DON'T you Budget?

Many people feel that budgeting is too restrictive and frustrating. 

I find it Liberating.
 Maybe I'm CRAZY?

Perhaps I can make you crazy too!
I budget to... achieve Goals, financial goals specifically, and most of my goals are financial since most things in life seem to involve money.

I budget to... have Peace of mind. When I know where my money is going I also know whether or not I have enough to cover my expenses. I find peace in always knowing where I stand.

I budget to... acquire Security. When I know where I stand, I know if I'm prepared for the future.

I budget to... stay Motivated. When I can know where my money has gone I am more likely to make choices that align with my personal values (Not buying that candy bar means I can put that dollar toward a day at the pool with my kids or a new pair of shoes)

I budget to... have Fun. When I plan for the future I can avoid debt, and money that otherwise would have been spent on interest I can spend on other things.

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