June 9, 2015

One Step to a [Almost] Mosquito Free Backyard

I just read a news article (found here) on why mosquitoes will be bad in Utah this year (rain and warm temps) and what to do about it.
I have to share a product we just found and fell in love with (is love a little strong for mosquito control?). Cutter Backyard Bug Control.

You attach it to your hose and spray your grass. It's supposed to control mosquitoes (both kill and repel) for up to 8 weeks.
I can't speak for how long it actually lasts since we only applied it a few days ago, but it works.
I went for a walk/run last night and killed 20+ mosquitoes in an hour, plus I was constantly swatting them away.

I came home and sat on the porch with my husband for 30+ minutes and we each killed ONE mosquito.
I couldn't believe the difference. Without wearing repellent we enjoyed half an hour outdoors in the evening and saw a total of TWO mosquitoes, that's unheard of around our house.

I felt it was COMPLETELY worth the $10 it cost to be able to enjoy our yard, even if we have to reapply once a month.
AND, right now on Amazon it's only $8.86.

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