April 25, 2015

Confetti Popcorn

Impromptu blog post (let's face it none of them are planned) as I sit here watching 3 kids devour "confetti" popcorn in a blanket fort.

The moment I pulled out the popcorn maker they were squealing and giggling with excitement, which probably had a lot to do with our popcorn popper, because it's AWESOME! (Thanks Mom!) It perfectly distributes the butter, we add a little extra ;), it makes a ton, and it pops right into it's own giant bowl. What more could you want?!?
Here's a link to ours
Or, here's the newer version.

It's probably also because sprinkles were involved. Don't sprinkles make everyone happy?!?

And since we all need more easy and inexpensive ways to have fun, I thought I'd share.
1. Pop Popcorn
**Microwaved, Air Popped, Stove Popped, or Crazy Pop, it really doesn't matter.
2. Melt Almond Bark

3. Drizzle Almond Bark over Popcorn
**I heat water to almost boiling, pop a couple pieces of almond bark in a plastic bag, Place the bag in the water to melt the almond bark, then cut the tip off a corner of the bag (TINY) and use the bag to drizzle the almond bark over the popcorn, it makes it soo easy.

4. Let kids shake sprinkles over popcorn.

5. Let cool for a couple minutes (build a blanket fort while you're waiting)
6. Enjoy :)

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